Sacramento County Tax Auction Feb 2018 List

Sacramento County Tax Sale List

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Detailed list of properties with address, square footage, rooms, and more

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Interactive map with 2018 Sacramento tax sale details

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1. A url link to view an interactive map of full property data and 2. A url link to download a spreadsheet

A downloadable spreadsheet

2018 Sacramento county auction properties list with 30+ data points… bid price, street address, zip, stories, bathrooms, bedrooms, more

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Are you affiliated with the Sacramento County?

No. We are tax sale investors that had an issue analyzing and researching tax sale properties and found a way to solve it. Now we are sharing our solution.

What do I get with a purchase?

A downloadable spreadsheet in the form of a .csv file (comma separated values). This file can be opened via MS Excel and other spreadsheet viewers that contains over 30 property details including street address, zip, bathrooms, bedrooms, square footage, and more AND a link to interactive map with property details!

What if I have a question about the data?

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