Sacramento County Tax Auction Feb 2018 List


Sacramento Tax Sale List

Make sure you have a web browser that is compatible with Google Maps and Microsoft Excel

Instructions are summarized in two simple steps:

1. Click the weblink to open up a map view with Tax sale properties populated on the map.

2. To view detailed descriptions of each property, click on the property icon on the map and/or reference the excel spreadsheet for listing information.

Please note: the County of Sacramento periodically updates the ‘Removed’ and ‘Postponed’ list on their site. As a result, not all of the properties provided in this list will actually be listed for sale at the auction. Please reference the County of Sacramento for updates to the auction statuses of the properties provided.

The data in this list is up to date as of 1/13/2018 (January 13, 2018)

You are done!

Enjoy the time saved using this service and good luck bidding!

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